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Speaking of articles: Europe's biggest IT and tech magazine @ct_Magazin published 3 pages where @ktn gave Phosh, Gnome Mobile, Plasma Mobile, Sxmo and even i3wm on the N900 a try and interviewed @ollieparanoid for it.

"pmOS offers pure adventure, as in the early days of desktop Linux: command-line, DIY, self-built, customized installation images with partially obscure UIs. What you get in return: sustainability, freedom and unimaginable access to the OS and hardware." (roughly translated quote)

c't magazine 21/2023 with a German article about postmarketOS. A photo showing pmOS with Gnome Mobile. Title: "Linux fürs Handy", subtitle: "postmarketOS: Nachhaltiges Mobilbetriebssystem für Enthusiasten",  text (first paragraph): "Das Entwicklerteam hinter postmarketOS lässt sich von der Android und iOS-Dominanz nicht entmutigen und portiert emsig Treiber für Mobilgeräte auf den Standard-Linux-Kernel. Damit sollen Geräte, für die der Hersteller kein aktuelles Betriebssystem mehr liefert, einer sinnvollen Weiterverwendung zugeführt werden. Wir haben uns postmarketOS angesehen und mit dessen Erfinder gesprochen."  A sign in the middle of the article says "Frisch aus c't Nerdistan".

@anjan @conservancy Btw USB Tethering should work OOTB pretty much soon on Sxmo:

@stacyharper @conservancy Miles has some amazing work. I love public transportation and we needed mobroute \o/.

@jan_wagemakers @conservancy Thank you for watching! Free software and solidarity forever ✊

Every YouTube video is either "all of science and the entire history of the world explained (5:41)" or "how player two's controller inputs are processed on level six of this japan-only game boy advance game that was only available free with a particular brand of cereal for two weeks in one store (2:37:21)"

@conservancy just posted my talk: "Thoughts after daily driving postmarketOS for 3 years". I demo my daily driver - a poco f1 running Sxmo.

The FOSSY conference was so much fun. It was great meeting the people behind conservancy and all the amazing gains the free software world has made!

#Sxmo #postmarketOS

@fell @anjan We just got the videos up! You can see our blog post here:

I already love this map

@izaya what happened to Gandhi (the domain name registrar)?


Cartoon. three people, the devil in the centre, saying "Welcome to science hell, professor.  This is Tony, he once saw something on the internet about your field of expertise and is going to spend eternity lecturing you on it."

Conservative education ministers tackle urgent problem of children feeling too safe at school

Emacs 29.1 can be built in the PGTK or "pure GTK" configuration -- which doesn't sound that interesting until you realize that:

1) This means you can run Emacs natively under Wayland

2) Emacs looks much more visually consistent on a modern system than it used to

and, most importantly for me,

3) You can now seamlessly use your system language input methods, so, for instance, I can easily type Japanese in Emacs now.

This is a big step in modernizing .

GPU accelerated preview on the with :D

@2g Check out the links underneath IRC channel!

You can join via matrix if that's more your cup of tea :)

@2g Hey! Im not sure if that's a pipewire/pulseaudio issue or pinephone packaging. I dont use the pinephone anymore. Can you please open an issue on pmaports and ask in the postmarketOS/Sxmo chatrooms?

got mainline Linux booting on a OnePlus 9 Pro! currently doing @igalia coding experience, and with some help from @cas I (almost) have this running properly. I'm gonna keep providing more updates, this has been really fun so far and I have a clear path for what to do now (which doesn't just involve looking at the bootloader screen...)