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@anjan and I will be running a booth at , and I would like to have some small sign or banner to put up on our table. Does anyone have any ideas for what that should look like?

@zachdecook I would move cura to community but last I checked, cura crashes after the splashscreen. I ended up using the flatpak version of cura on my steamdeck.

I dont really like flatpaks but I dont have time to fix my cura port.

Consider fixing my cura port on alpine and I will approve moving it to community!

@craftyguy We should do this at fossy😁

@stacyharper @conservancy Miles has some amazing work. I love public transportation and we needed mobroute \o/.

@jan_wagemakers @conservancy Thank you for watching! Free software and solidarity forever ✊

@conservancy just posted my talk: "Thoughts after daily driving postmarketOS for 3 years". I demo my daily driver - a poco f1 running Sxmo.

The FOSSY conference was so much fun. It was great meeting the people behind conservancy and all the amazing gains the free software world has made!

#Sxmo #postmarketOS

@izaya what happened to Gandhi (the domain name registrar)?

@2g Check out the links underneath IRC channel!

You can join via matrix if that's more your cup of tea :)

@2g Hey! Im not sure if that's a pipewire/pulseaudio issue or pinephone packaging. I dont use the pinephone anymore. Can you please open an issue on pmaports and ask in the postmarketOS/Sxmo chatrooms?

@lukeshu @johns @sri

A FOSS mobile track would be awesome! @martijnbraam and @craftyguy are both postmarketOS core contributors so it should get to the right people. ;)

Here's other linux mobile hackers on fedi to follow:



Feel free to add others!

Journalistic organisations in Canada with official accounts on the :

* @winnipegfreepress
* @thetyee
* @Windspeaker
* @sprawlcalgary
* @livewirecalgary
* @pressprogress
* @thenarwhal
* TechNews @admin
* @HalifaxExaminer
* @thelocal
* @RueMorin
* @cabinradio
* @mtlgazette
* @NTVNewsNL
* @hakaimagazine
* @rewildingmag
* @NatObserver
* @TheBreach
* @theagendatvo
* @epicnews
* @chly1017fm

I will update the list as I learn of other such accounts.

@calcifer @sindastra Yea, this summarizes vscode pretty well - if your team uses it, its the easiest choice. Vscode is good on windows and generally ok out of the box.

The window management and keyboard shortcuts in vs code are awful and made me eventually get my team's tools working in emacs:

- Each pane has its own keybindings (navigating linter error pane vs code pane)
- Keybindings are inconsistent and hard to memorize (unlike doom emacs' neumonics)

@proycon Yup! @conservancy will be posting a video of the talk 😀

@conservancy is organizing the first FOSSY conference in Portland Oregon and I am a speaker!

I will be talking about my experience daily driving #postmarketOS with #sxmo for the last 3 years and my current setup using SDM845 devices.

I am excited to meet up with my FOSS friends!

@megmac People kind of feel entitled to do whatever they want to famous people.

Ill never really understand it 🤷‍♂️

@orowith2os @airtower To get some of the strictness, I would recommend using linters (eg. pylint) and an lsp for python.

For learning, is good. Most importantly, itll teach you how to rely on the python docs.

@fdlamotte @postmarketOS @usia Wow, I didnt know the tristate buttons worked....Ill have to try it out.

Thank you and great work!

@usia @postmarketOS @fdlamotte

Im sure it'll be great :D

Send me a message if you need friendly feedback.

@usia @fdlamotte @postmarketOS Hey, this is all great info. Can you please open a page on the postmarketOS wiki called "Sxmo: Oneplus 6" and add all this info to it?

Please send me the link if you get the chance, I want to add to it.