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@vics Reasonable and valid! I have heard of that all, though agian, don't really think parenting is for me when I can barely stave off death for myself :)
though it is defininetly for people

I love the miniheartache my college just gave me of suddenly forgetting I am studying one of my mandatory core subjects :)

Can someone tell me if I did something wrong? For some reason, it won't turn on. I think I might have a short or something.

Some components on a slice of bread with a bite taken out of it

Todays semester final was regarding “Digital Communication”, a meaningless subject that lost me attendance the whole semester and made me not want to wake up for classes. But hey in the question paper they asked me what “LOL” stood for, and I got to “critically analyse” @highvoltage ‘s blog because I blanked and couldn’t recall any other blogs I had checked recently on LOL

@triskelion @juliank if one wants to clickbait, I think just like a corporate esk "The All New APT" would be great,
"The all new APT: Solver, solves all your problems!" or "The all new APT: user interface, makes that reinstall of your Desktop Envirnoment all that less rage inducing"

@vics well I think I just hate kids is the problem, but the only upside I could think of would be the ability to help someone grow? I am not sure if that’s how you correctly describe it, but helping someone emotionally grow is fulfilling for me weirdly, I think might work in kids too?

Submitted 2 talks for DebConf:

- The new APT solver
- The new APT user interface

Maybe they should have fancier titles

"There are two things you must learn about the world," the witch said. "The first is that it is what it is."

"It is what it is, and what it is is shit!"

"The second thing, oft forgot, is that it is not what it will be."

"Should that fill me with hope or despair?"


I'm currently preparing a small talk about plurality explaining what that even is and my perspective, but I would like to bring in other perspectives as well!!!
So if you are plural and have something you want to share, can be anything a situation or something and you want others to hear that please reach out :)

Will be annonymized unless explicitly wished by you


Linux 6.8 has been accepted into unstable and is now building:
(Yes, I know 6.9 is out; we should be able to update to that soon.)

@vics Couldn't imagine that level of pain and suffering ever, taking care of kids is just 10 * emotions

Let’s bridge the and explore how innovations can drive positive change!

Team @sflcin wishes Happy and Day 2024!

being sick fucking sucks, last cold / flu was back in october, honestly forgot how much it sucks, can barely concentrate on shit, less than usual somehow

@FenoTheFox @itsmeholland @hexaheximal I had to learn what MDNI is by looking it up from MSN, FROM MSN, I AM NOT OLD, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN

Stupid people, Homophobia, stupidity
Since my hairs started getting really long and finally decided to try nail paint again, and being able to keep myself shaved, looking very outwardly queer, heard a group of three guys behind me yesterday loudly proclaim (general translation to english) "Gay people, with their hair bigger than their mouths, if they could only grow some facial hair, might be able to grow some pubes and become men". I WISH body hair wasn't a problem because of being gay.

I have a proposal:
Whenever some company insists on calling a piece of equipment or software "smart", let's call it "needy" instead.

- needs wifi
- needs bluetooth
- needs update
- needs cookies
- needs access
- needs account
- needs login

I want dumb stuff that works.

A screenshot of a tweet with an inage of Link wearing totally not a dress from ToTK. The text of the tweet says "future game developers will be inspired by tears of the kingdom not becaise of its ingenious crafting system or its open world design but because you can give the protagonist a slutty little back dress"

Sent to me by a friend

panel 1: bird saying "mov rax, rbx"
panel 2: bird saying "add rax, rc-" and getting interrupted "Hello it's me the keyoard"
panel 3: crow screaming "I have an important message"
panel 4: Bird looking dismayed as crow screams "e"

@sophie144p OOoooh? zimablade?