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If it ain't fun, you're not doing it right.

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* Sets of X can implicitly cast to sets of Y if X can cast to Y
* The shell has full knowledge of the type graph at all times; it remains in memory
* This is fairly cheap, and makes a lot of otherwise unreasonable things really easy and blazing fast

Shell state [including the type graph] persists even on power loss; it's backed by disk in whatever format I find is optimal


sorry, but i am never going to watch a video over reading an article unless i am trying to unclog a drain or toilet

@foone @SpeakerToManagers in case you decide to be true to yourself and get started on this: the Egyptians had their own numbering system in hieroglyphs. There are Unicode code points for hieroglyphs now. So make sure not to forget them! 😉

It's useful with its opposite, strcspn, to write a tokenizer:

start = string + strspn(string, delim); // find first non-delimiter character
len = strcspn(start+1, delim);

Now you have a string with a known length that you can process.

You could use strtok, but (a) that modifies the string, which is not always what you want, and (b) is not thread-safe; strspn and strcspn are.

Except if you're trying to set file permissions on a Unix system.


Gandi charges in euros, the pound isn't going in the best way, do your math...

Oh, okay, I see what you mean. I thought you wanted to defederate your own server and live on an island, which seems to defeat the point, but it's about defederating as a big moderation hammer. That makes a whole lot more sense 😁

I'm not understanding your problem with matrix. It seems like it has almost everything you want to me. What's this thing about defederation? Why would you want that in the first place?

Honest question.

we have just declined selling for 600,000 Euros.

Btw, what is your religious affiliation?

I am an atheist. Officially since the age of 14, when I went to the citizenship office in my hometown and declared my resignation from the Catholic Church. In Germany, you can't just be an atheist, you need an official confirmation.

please boost

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i can't get over this chatgpt interaction i had today

A good percentage of my friends are Nazis. That percentage is zero; that’s a good percentage of Nazi friends to have.

<<The original cron source code as written by Paul Vixie is a delight to read.>>

well thank you!

@ZebraNorth classic 1980s-era hack. Many companies allowed this, and then often lost their customers because now you can't upgrade the maximum ram for the next generation of your system without breaking backwards compatibility and nobody wants to buy a second generation system that can't run software written for the first generation...

I'm pretty sure this is the reason why you can't try the same hack in x86-64 hardware...

yay I got it working. I mean, to the point of running and giving me entirely the wrong value. it is saying strings are NaN.
which is technically true. they're not.

@shine Great point. Techbros have literally invented technology that simulates techbros.

IME, it's the young nerds who fell for the BS, the first or second time around they are old enough to be able to fall for it.

After that, they've (usually) learned and don't fall for it anymore, but by then there's a new generation that will take up the torch.

From the outside they looks like they never change. From the inside, however, people do learn, there's just always new people.

Boss: Why is your work only 80% complete?

Me: Oh, yes! There’s a very good explanation for that.

In my last performance review, you noted that I was exceeding all expectations, but that you were only giving me a 4 out of 5 because you “never give 5s” because “there’s always room for improvement.”

As a result, I’ve taken the initiative to deliver at 4/5 capacity to ensure I’m performing according to your expectations.

As we’ve already established, I’m easily capable of performing at and above 100%, so please let me know once you’ve adjusted my performance rating to a 5 and I will adjust my performance accordingly.

If you type "Donald" into Bing's AI image generator, it gets confused between Donald Trump and Donald Duck, giving you this nightmare fuel

Amélie Was Really a KGB Spy: Jean-Pierre Jeunet Re-Edits His Beloved Film, "Amélie," into a New Comedic Short