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Pidgeons unable to perch calmly in a tree

Just learned, that is going to the moon!

This is a group of rovers which will collaboratively and autonomously drive around on the moon. They're using Debian for all the dev machines and the rovers themselves.

I hesitate to post this pic because I don't want to break the internet ๐Ÿ™‚

He fell asleep in my lap like this last night. It was great for him but not so good for a middle-aged guy sitting directly on the floor, unable to move for about an hour because he's trapped under the cutest kitten in the world.

A black and white tuxedo kitten, with a black body and white-tipped paws, a white chest, and a white moustache, lying completely on his back in my lap, with his back paws sticking straight up, exposing his pink little toe beans, and his front paws wrapped around his face.

@xmpp Very useful! thank you

@alienghic Thanks again!

@alienghic @xmpp Thanks. Psi looks interesting. I'd forgotten about Pidgin. Do you know of any old-timey clients for mobile (iOS, Android)?

@xmpp I've had an ejabberd server for a few months now. A handful of friends and family are connecting with a variey of clients. Through this experience something has struck me. The protocol has existed for sometime, but the clients seem to be in their early stages of dev, some more so than others. Where are the apps that have been around for as long as the protocol? Did only yooyle make an app?

DebConf23 Group Photo

@TheAlchemist I always know the tomato has ended when the pain begins :)

@UncleDuke1969 I wonder if quantum physicists know of Stan...

The only thing that I learn from history is that we're doomed to repeat it.

@AmishSuperModel I'll send my reaction to your post soon

@a1ba too bad ls doesn't work like this in real life :)

@RikerGoogling to get a chicken to cross the road? Maybe,....

Some pictures from yesterday's Debian's 30th birthday celebration in Kochi along with 19th birthday of OpenStreetMap.

The event was covered by Deshabhimani [Malayalam]

#debianday #debian #debianindia #osm #osmkerala
Group photo of attendees with Debian banner OSM Kerala folks The customery birthday cake Discussions happening between the attendees

A cake has materialized. #debianday

Ok Google: please publish your DKIM secret keys โ€“ A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering

@Mjo321 Understood. And, do I need a licence?

@TerribleMaps It's a bit like the one of the cow in a field a couple of months back. It took me a while to see the pattern of spots.

@TerribleMaps Wow, it took me a while, but wow. It's incredible.