Hello! Im sending this post using tuba (gtk fedi client) on the oneplus 6 running the next stable postmarketOS v23.06!

My daily driver got so much better 😀️

#Sxmo 1.14 on the oneplus 6 is amazing. @stacyharper did an amazing job with sxmo-bar.

With my new carrier, I dont have dns issues with oneplus 6 so far... Im gonna daily drive this for a bit and see if I can add a new device to our recommended Sxmo devices. :D

@usia @fdlamotte @postmarketOS Hey, this is all great info. Can you please open a page on the postmarketOS wiki called "Sxmo: Oneplus 6" and add all this info to it?

Please send me the link if you get the chance, I want to add to it.

@usia @postmarketOS @fdlamotte

Im sure it'll be great :D

Send me a message if you need friendly feedback.

@fdlamotte @postmarketOS @usia Wow, I didnt know the tristate buttons worked....Ill have to try it out.

Thank you and great work!