Around 2021, I would've considered going to Israel in the future if Netanyahu was ousted in the elections, and the extremist right-wing members of his government would go out with him and if there was a glimmer of hope of peace with Palestine. Instead, he's still there, and they continued ruthlessly murdering Palestinian civilians and confined them to Gaza, the biggest open-air prison in the world.

Last year they escalated further and went after journalists. Even destroying a major media building (fortunately no one was in there at the time) and killing journalists. Today they are taking down telecoms, and preventing food and medicine from entering the region.

I condemn the terrorist attacks from Hamas. I also condemn the senseless, relentless violence that Israel has inflicted upon millions of innocent people, and continue to do.

Maybe at one point I would've considered a possibility of going to Israel in the future, but right now there's a zero chance of that. The people who unconditionally support Israel are in the same league as people who supported Apartheid in South Africa, a MAGA American or other types of trash people.

I want nothing to do with them and they're not my friend. If someone can't manage to maintain a very minimum baseline of humanity, then they can go fuck off for all that I'm concerned.