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Senior Software Engineer on #OpenJDK #RedHat. #Debian developer (dormant). Computer Science PhD student. Amateur Computing historian (Computer Science and H/W, esp. Commodore Amiga). Guerilla archivist.

accidentally dressed to match the office meeting rooms
photo of me wearing an Unknown Pleasures t-shirt alongside a meeting room decal of the same

@golgaloth great minds, I had thought of doing something like this (barbie robocop armour) after printing some barbie crowns #girlarmour

A departure for my next is a fantastic set of 3D printable armour for Barbie and other similar dolls, so kiddies get to play dress-up in spite of what the parent company provides.

If you wish to add to the collection, please reply with the hashtag

Barbie in a full plate set, golden, with resplendent, winged helmet. The armour includes a clip-on shield and a WitchBlade style sword.

Another set includes a Greek shield and spear combination.

The last set is a practical, steel-effect version of the first, with a plain helmet, sword and shield.

re: Design notes for a mobile-native spreadsheet
Lots of live data integrations. Fetch price from product uri for big shops like Amazon eBay, currency conversions, etc

re: Design notes for a mobile-native spreadsheet
Smart on-screen keyboard choices. Numbers only for numbers fields etc (Apple Numbers does this well)

re: Design notes for a mobile-native spreadsheet
100% Visual/block-based formula programming. Obvious stuff (average column, sum column) built into UI eg on on-screen keyboard shortcut keys

re: Design notes for a mobile-native spreadsheet
One column view. Swipe L-R (with generous deadzones) to switch column. Optional fixed 1 row and/or column display for headings. Free scroll U-D for cells in column.

Design notes for a mobile-native spreadsheet
Focus on ease of authorship of new spreadsheets, not interacting with existing/legacy ones

My instance seems to be having trouble again :(

The iOS Google Sheets app is a prime example of “if you must, it’s possible” app design. Apple’s Numbers app is slightly better, but still requires you to scroll in two dimensions. I’ve not seen a truly-mobile friendly spreadsheet app yet.

@neil I always stumble over three-letter abbreviating “Thursday”, too. “Thu” lacks the crucial ‘s’. “Thus” is 4 characters but not the first 4.

Has anyone specced out an xkcd:// protocol yet?

It might facilitate the kinds of conversations that go like this.

“…because xkcd://12345.”

“Ah, but are you forgetting xkcd://543?”

FOSDEM next week! 🎉

Idly wondering about 3d printing a “decal” directly into a laptop lid

@tomnardi thanks for the tip! I have had some warping on the next iteration I tried so I’ll give this a go

@znoteer thank you. Yes the RHS is iteration 2. My third iteration is having the letter be the only shape on that part (the print wasn’t good for this)

Today I got a chat notification from a chat service I didn’t even realise we had and wasn’t one of the two I’m aware of that are in the frame to replace the third I use. No obvious way to figure out a) who was tagging me, b) how to reply or even c) how to access the chat service

@AAMfP I need a trackpoint which seriously limits my options. I’ve got 6-key on existing boards, so I think I won’t mistype, but I almost never use the extra keys!

Vinyl divider design experiment, iteration 2 #3dprinting #art #design #music

it would seem obvious to choose 6-key over reverse-T for the arrow region, except you get a weird split spacebar. Pros/cons of that?

Sadly also only double-shot on the ANSI layout. So it goes