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It might very well not be an original thought, but it just crossed my mind. The reason why there are so many white cishet guys within the community is likely to some parts because they don't have to struggle in their lives as hard as many minorities. Being able to contribute to FLOSS projects is a privilege that you have: resource wise (time, money), mental stability, less likely to struggle with daily tasks. 1/7 ๐Ÿงต

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MiniDebConf India 2021 group photo, very well executed online conference that had a great line-up of talks covering 6 languages over two tracks. Thanks to everyone who were involved who organised, presented and participated! #debian #debconf

The update was a bit rough, did stumble into some compile issues, but we should be up and running again. Sorry for the inconvenience - we are now at latest pleroma

#TDOV - Trans Day Of Visibility
Today is #TDOV, the Trans Day Of Visibility. Being visible as trans isn't safe for a lot of us. Trans folks around the world suffer from violence.

Physical violence including to get killed, raped, beaten, while judges still consider "being tricked" is a useful defense to reduce the sentence with.

And psychological violence through hateful messages, denial of ones worth, existence, which leave deep scars on our souls, making social interactions awkward and leading to the fear of being too much for anyone to stay around.

And like always this affects disproportional black and indigenous people of colour. Being able to be visible is not possible for so so many.

That's one of the central reasons why I am not afraid to be visible. I understand everyone who just wants to blend in into the cistem and live their lives because the alternative is to always be on the look out. I'm visible to show that there's nothing wrong with being trans, mostly for cis people. To see that we exist. That they know that it's nothing exotic to be afraid of.

Fun side note: Given that trans folks are usually told that we are just living in a fake world and don't want to face the truth it makes me laugh hard that my estrogen pill is blue.

(The photo shows me, a white trans feminine person, with my tongue out, a blue pill of estrogen on my tongue)

@georgia I'm very much interested in that actually too, maybe I can get away with calling that podcast then, at least in my head ;) @csolisr

@highvoltage @csolisr Resource usage, Administration (both sysadmin but also moderation wise), recommendation from friends who administer instances ... A few things played into it. In the end it might be a bit like "why gnome over kde" or "why postgres over mysql"?

@csolisr Our naming schema of choosing fediverse software that starts off with a P: Pixelfed, Peertube, Plume, .. and Pleroma.

On a more serious response: What is your real question? :)

@loonycyborg I assume it will be the comment section of the blog posts. But in the wiki page there is the plugin link and I assume there to be more information than you can get out of asking me. :)

@loonycyborg From what I understood there is a plugin which enables federation of wordpress. But for now it's not, and it's marked to not federate in our wiki page:

@loonycyborg Because the fediverse consists of more than just a microblogging platform. pixelfed is also fediverse, peertube is also fediverse, writefreely likewise. We settled for the software as naming scheme in the end because we want to offer more than just microblogging. :)

@zalandocalrissian @schmittlauch It's also very likely that those are good candidates to offer through the service in the long run. We are aware that these things are something that needs more regular updates than others for compatibility issues.

@schmittlauch Would had been nice to ask us and let us announce it ourself when we think we're ready for that publicity. So far we are still in setting up and testing stage and not yet open for adding people. :) But we are just excited about it as you seem to be. <3

So, seems to work as mobile client too \o/

Hello World!