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Debian Maintainer. EE student.
Likes hiking, reading and free software.
"Freiheit ist immer Freiheit des anders Denkenden." - Rosa Luxemburg

man, I need to stop browsing for (CLI-) tools/applications that I consider cool and inadvertently end up packaging for Debian.

Die kriegt es ja nicht gebacken nur einmal abstimmen zu lassen:
Willst Du die des ?

I hear arm64 laptops are en vogue right now. We liberated an old 200€ Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3 Chromebook today. Here it is upgrading to Ubuntu 24.04

A Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3 Chromebook running Ubuntu upgrading to 24.04

@benpocalypse @itsfoss yeah, LLMs are harmful and have little applications except generating VC revenue and ruining the planet and the internet.

My attempt to make a German version:

Bekam der Chef eine Mark
Ein Pfennig bekamen wir
Früher war das Ausbeuten
Doch schlimmer wurde es hier.

Denn dann bekam er tausend Euro
Und wir mit Glück zehn Cent
Und die Miete steigt stets weiter
Wir sind schon insolvent.

Jetzt nimmt er Millionen Euro ein
Aber wir sollen gar nix kriegen?
Drum auf die Barrikaden, Freunde
Nur so kann Gerechtigkeit siegen!

I do wonder how long till systemd has Recall-like functionality

I learnt a neat new U-Boot trick last week and decided to document it for other lost souls (probably future me).

Turns out u-boot can be used to test UEFI binaries entirely without qemu or dedicated hardware! Here's how:

@rhonda geht nicht ?

We are trained to make excuses for the inexcusable.

This is Smaug, the dragon from The Hobbit. Smaug family stole a mountain full of gold. So full that he sleeps buried under gold. We're talking literally tons of gold by weight. 

Forbes ranks Smaug as the second wealthiest fictional character. He had been first, but the price of gold took a tumble, and now his vast, overwhelming fortune is only worth an estimated $51,400,000,000.00, or $51.4 billion. 

That means that EVEN THOUGH he has an ENTIRE MOUNTAIN full of almost nothing but solid gold, Smaug would rank as the FIFTEENTH wealthiest American. 

Fourteen Americans have more money than a gold-hoarding dragon. 

Please consider that the next time you say deca-billionaires deserve their wealth and shouldn't pay their employees living wages.

(Picture of the fictional dragon)

Bei der Bahn hat es wohl nicht mehr für ein Deepl Abo gereicht:

Aus dem "Flex und Sparpreis" wurde da mal gabz kurz der "Angel Grinder and Save Price" awesome awesome awesome think_bread

Screenshot der DB Webseite mit dem Übersetzungsfehler "Angel Grinder Price"

If in doubt, use more flux.

the plan is to bring those to future events.

Lots of 3ml syringes with a pink blunt needle tip.
They are filled with a yellow white substance.

so geht das nicht. ihr habt falsch verstanden. sie bedeutet nicht zwang und überwachung, sondern zusätzliche optionen und mehr . meine forderungen:
- alle websites und apps
- alle apis frei zugänglich
- kein tracking
- kein 3rd party content
- anonyme buchung und zahlung
- alle services auch mit analog-äquivalentem nachweis (zB QR code gedruckt)
ein stinksaurer kunde. @digitalcourage @PRO_BAHN @echo_pbreyer

On my way to #minidebconf Berlin


once again, why are tech-bros

this is still my favourite tom scott meme

tom scott saying "i am at a gender neutral bathroom" while standing in front of a gender neutral bathroom labelled "margaret thatcher 1925-2013"

Nous sommes présents à la MiniDebconf à Berlin 🇩🇪

@yassie_j ever since that surveillance cop thing, nobody on Fedi cares for #RaspberryPi any more.

Best to go for full boycott… starting last year.

🗣️ FYI 🇸🇩

The No Thanks app instantly tells you if a product has ties to Israeli companies. It was created by Ahmed BashBash a Palestinian developer.

Scan the product, and it shows if it's on the boycott list, with proof as to why provided via a link if it is.

Please repost and share ❤️🇸🇩

@jon @slothrop upon exiting your train you might encounter some addicts, sure. Does the station work ? Yes.