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They all do blogging, but to different extents - WriteFreely just gives you a markdown pad with no extra fluff, while wordpress is a full-blown CMS. Guess it depends on the features you want

DebConf20 starts on Sunday!

Desk for @sotm! Lots of work today #sotm2020 #sotm

And we're in country-wide lockdown from Thursday...

Remote conferences are becoming a thing, but lack the technology to make them flow well -

It is certainly better than other discussion software I've experienced though!

The more I play with discourse, the more I find it fails to provide good email support and is very web-interface focused

@rin *cough*

@zalandocalrissian @schmittlauch we'll take care to keep it to two year old software! :)

The breezy dark theme makes plemora match the rest of my KDE desktop very well!

@ademalsasa @schmittlauch We are still getting things setup and configured. Once the services are announced, we will open registration through Salsa. Keep an eye on the mailing lists (and here) for the announcement

Pleroma looks like a really cool platform!